2014 Worshipful Master Hollywood Lodge

2014 Worshipful Master – Hollywood Lodge

From The East

Ladies and Brethren,
We have a very special StatedMeeting this month in which we will
be having our first official Inspector Visit with our new Inspector and also Past Master and former Officer’s Coach of Hollywood
Lodge #355, Wo. James Bayhylle.

On this same night, our Inspector will also be presenting the honor of a 50 Year Golden Veteran’s Award. We will bring the Lodge from labor to refreshment to welcome families and friends to witness this prestigious award. This is more than simply being a Mason for 50 years, it’s an award that acknowledges their edication to the Craft, ongoing support, lifetime achievements, community involvement, and their everyday living out of Masonic principles that make this award so precious…and rare! We should all be so dedicated and blessed with longevity to accomplish this prestigious award. I look forward to seeing you all there.

Sincerely and Fraternally,
Eric Bertolli
Worshipful Master
Hollywood Lodge #355

2014 Senior Warden - Hollywood Lodge

2014 Senior Warden – Hollywood Lodge

From the West!
Before we adjourn for the 165th Annual Communications at the Grand Lodge of California in San Francisco.

This month, Collegium Solvitur Ambulando will discuss the Rule of Law. The presentation intends to explore the moral foundations forming the fabric of law and root the source of all corruption. The presenter strongly believes that freemasonry is intended to foster moral ideas while developing the character of its members. Therefore, he intends to hold a discussion identifying those ideals which bind and dismantle any law abiding civilization. I hope you’ll join us for this challenging and enlightened discussion in the Banquet Hall starting at 7:15pm on September 18

Haig Hagopian
Senior Warden
Hollywood Lodge #355

2014 Junior Warden - Hollywood Lodge

2014 Junior Warden – Hollywood Lodge

From the South!
Howdy Everyone! Welcome to September…

Our quest for a new Lodge Chef soldiers on. Which means that we will be trying out yet another new dining option this month. I hope you will all be pleased with what they bring to our dinner table. That said I hope to see everyone at our upcoming Stated Meeting Dinner on September 4th. We are currently taking reservations, please, call or email.

Answer: What the ladies will be doing after the stated dinner.
Question: What is Nicki’s Jeopardy fun night?
Put on your trivia hats, ladies! September brings you Nicki’s
Jeopardy fun night! Breaking up into teams of 2, vie for prizes made by the “Host” herself.

This month we have our Hollywood Lodge Theater Night as we enjoy an evening of Shakespeare. “Much Ado About Nothing” Shows on Saturday, September 13th, 8pm at the Theatricum Botanicum. For details on this event including cost and specific location please contact Bro. Alex Madjeski.

Joshua Weathersby
your Junior Warden
Hollywood Lodge #355


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