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Eric Bertolli WM

From the East

Greetings Ladies and Brethren,
I want to thank you all for coming to our April Stated Dinner. In just 2 months we have more than doubled attendance! The Social Hall is getting fuller and our late start to last month’s meeting was only because everyone was having a great time socializing with one another after dinner, which in my book, is a great reason to start late. Nevertheless, we ended at around a reasonable 9:30 and from what I have heard the Ladies had a great time at Ladies Entertainment. Congrats to Rita Puritsky for winning the St Patty’s contest for wearing the most green!

As we get more and more people attending, we are getting more and more motivated to keep this momentum going. Bro Spyros Pappas, who has chaired the Santa Anita trip several times and worked diligently on this one said that this is the most reserved/attended Santa Anita to date! This all means that Hollywood Lodge momentum is coming back. Our job now will be to maintain it and grow it. I am open to having impromptu events that are not in the calendar if anyone has any ideas. We don’t have to be limited to what is in the calendar. For example, we will be doing a degree swap on May 14th,15th with Home Lodge. We will be doing a 2nd degree on May 14th at Home Lodge and Home Lodge will be doing a Second Degree here at Hollywood Lodge on May 15th. With larger number of members coming, I would like to bridge the brotherly love among local lodges. Based on the turn out from this, I will be more than happy to do this with other Lodges as well. Thank you all for your continued support!
Sincerely and Fraternally,
Eric Bertolli
Worshipful Master Hollywood Lodge #355

Haig Hagopian - SW

From the West

This month we have a real treat! Not only will we have a First Degree proficiency on the 10th, but we will conduct a First Degree initiation at Culver City Foshay Lodge (#467) the following Wednesday, the 16th at 7:30pm. This will be a great opportunity to spread the cement of brotherly love with masons outside of our lodge, so I urge everyone to try and attend.

As usual, our Collegium Solvitur Ambulando will be held at 7:30pm on the 24th, with a presentation on Meditation, Contemplation and Prayer. This topic will feature an experiential demonstration illuminating contemplative techniques and will be open to masons only. You are welcome to come in casual attire and refreshments will be made to order by our lodge caterer.
Haig Hagopian
Senior Warden Hollywood Lodge #355

Josh Weathersby - JW

From the South!

Wow, another amazing month. Next month promises to be stupendous as well. I hope to see everyone at our upcoming Stated Meeting Dinner on April 3rd. Dinner will be OPTION A Pork Chops topped with pineapple with sides of Rice, Grilled Veggies and Hawaiian Bread or OPTION B Baked ¼ chicken leg & thigh topped with pineapple with sides of Rice, Grilled Veggies and Hawaiian Bread-(Veggie Option will be a baked Potato). Dessert will be a Pineapple Upsidedown Cake. We are currently taking reservations, please, call or email to get your order in soon.

According to my unnamed sources the ladies will be tapping into their creative side with a BYOC (Bring Your Own Craft) night. The ladies will be painting, drawing, knitting, crafting and anything else that spurs their imagination. Additional supplies will also be brought by Nicki Weathersby and Anna Madjeski to help inspire those that require it.

Have you seen the new Hollywood Lodge website? If not, it is certainly time to check it out: www.hollywoodlodge.org – go ahead I’ll wait… Cool, right? While you are at it make a user account, explore the links and have fun.

Who else is really looking forward to the Granada Hills Jobs Daughter’s Family easter egg hunt? I know I am, as well as my family. We hope to see you there! We are also looking forward to the Blood Drive on Saturday the 26th of this month. The Blood Drive starts at 10:30am and wraps up at 4pm. Brother Walter McClain and I really enjoy organizing these blood drives, it warms our hearts to see the love and support from all the brothers and friends who donate to save a life. See you there!

Joshua Weathersby
your Junior Warden
Hollywood Lodge #355

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